The Purification process

1. Sediment Filtration

The first step in the process is to take your regular hose water and put it through a sediment pre-filter. This filter is designed to take out things like dirt, rust, etc. from the water.

2. Carbon Filtration

The second step in the process is to run the water that has just passed through the sediment pre-filter through a carbon filter. The carbon filter removes chemicals such as chlorine from the water. 

3. Reverse Osmosis Membrane

After the water has gone through the carbon filter, it passes through what we call a Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane. This membrane removes approximately 90% of the minerals or Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) that are found in water. 

4. De-Ionization

The final step in the process is the take that dirt free, chlorine free, mineral free water and remove any left over total dissolved solids or minerals in the water so we finish with 100% pure water.