About Us

Humble Beginnings

ClearView Window Cleaning started from an idea that there must be a better, safer way to clean all types of residential and commercial windows. As an Occupational Health and Safety Professional, ClearView Window Cleaning's founder had safety on his mind as he held the base of a ladder while his neighbour cleaned the second story windows of his home.

 There had to be a better way than risking a fall from a ladder to get the beautiful view from a nice, clean window!

The principle behind ClearView Window Cleaning is to be able to clean all your windows with both feet firmly planted on the ground. We take the risk of a fall from heights and damage to your property out of the picture and leave you with a clear view from your beautifully cleaned windows.

With our advanced water purification system we can reach all your windows and leave them with a spot-free, streak-free shine. The secret behind the system is to take the electrical charge out of the water we use to ensure that as your windows dry, they do so without attracting any dirt or dust.

Benefits of Pure Water Window Cleaning

  • Safer for our window cleaning technicians, which gives you peace of mind!
  • Efficiency - Without having to set up ladders or scaffolding, we spend less time interrupting your day to clean your windows
  • Spot-free, streak-free shine! 
  • Economical - As it takes us less time to give you beautifully cleaned windows we are able to beat the cost of most conventional window cleaning techniques